Irish Skin Foundation Psoriasis

5 talks | 1 hour 28 min | General Practice

My name is Eoin O’Brien and as chairman of the Irish Skin Foundation I am pleased to introduce this educational project on psoriasis.  The Irish Skin Foundation is a new organisation which was founded in 2011 and its mission is to support patients with all forms of skin disease.  In this regard it is somewhat unique.  There are many organisations in Europe that support one form of skin disease or another but none that advocate for all patients with all forms of skin disease.

Modern science has revolutionised the treatment of skin disease and continues to do so.  The Irish Skin Foundation has a unique association with the Charles Institute in University College Dublin.  And through this unique association we hope to be able to bring the best treatment for skin disease from the bench to the bedside.  This is often called translational medicine.

The Irish Skin Foundation is reaching to all people involved in the management of patients with skin disease, nurses, specialists, pharmacists and most importantly general practitioners and their patients.  We propose to do that by providing information which will be freely available to patients but also support to anybody who is managing patients with skin disease and in that regard we link very closely with general practice.

In this regard the Irish Skin Foundation will be relying on your support, not alone to supporters in joining in whatever research we may be doing into skin disease but also lending us your support in a financial sense and you can do this by becoming a friend of the Irish Skin Foundation by simply contacting our website

In closing it gives me great pleasure to introduce this project and to thank AbbVie for its educational support.

Speakers:Dr Anne-Marie Tobin, Dr Kate Russo, Carmel Blake, Dr Mark Wheeler, Sheila Ryan
Meeting Location:Virtual Meeting
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Professional Competency Credits: 1 hour 28 min
Approved for CPD:ICGP


Dr Anne-Marie Tobin – Overview of psoriasis

Dr Kate Russo – The psychological impact of psoriasis

Carmel Blake – Topical treatment for mild to moderate psoriasis

Dr Mark Wheeler – Assessment & Referral of Psoriasis in Primary Care

Sheila Ryan – Helpful tips on managing Psoriasis patients

This meeting was sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Abbvie Ltd.